The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grocery Stores

When you live on the road, you take whatever grocery store the road gives you.  When you walk for your groceries, your choices dwindle even further.  And that is why I am so excited to have a new grocery store!

While traveling Walmart is my staple.  They have everything you need, they carry RV supplies and they have very large parking lots.  I have no problem patronizing these stores other than the fact that they have few organic products and it feels like I am shopping in a warehouse.

When I am stationary, sometimes I get a local grocery store and other times friends or family will take me shopping with them.  Trader Joe's is one of my favorites.  New Frontiers Natural Marketplace in Sedona, AZ is my absolute favorite.  I want to live in that store.  Whole Foods,  Market of Choice are also top contenders. I drool just thinking about them.  I love the shopping experience, the sights, smells and colors. 

I miss variety.  I spent the last several months with an Albertson's right across the street.  It became my store and I appreciated its convenience.  But by the end there was nothing new to excite or thrill me.  I knew what they carried, which aisle held what item and it just became a boring process.  I needed new stimulation.

At my current park I have a new grocery store just a short walk away, a Fry's Grocery Store.  It has fresh food, fresh baked goods, beautiful meat and eye stimulation.

I am so excited to have a new grocery store!


  1. Isn't it amazing what excites us! The joys of motorhomes.

  2. Oh, Susan, just in case you find yourself in Cincinnati, someday, check out, while you're in a shopping mood. It is famous around these parts...a huge place with all kinds of exotic healthy food, and much more.

    Keep the wanderlust alive, folks. Nomadic tribes do still exist in this culture, and I'm so privileged to know you and follow your adventures!!! vic

  3. I love going to grocery stores during the weekends. There's just something about shopping for groceries, like picking out fresh goods such as meat and poultry, veggies and other stuff that I'll need for the coming week. In fact, I'm thinking of opening up my own grocery in our neighborhood. That would be convenient for the whole community.