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Monday, July 19, 2010

Herb and Alma Dell

My dad and his wife have just left after a week long stay.  They tented behind Minnie and thoroughly enjoyed living outside during their stay.

A particularly powerful moment for my dad was stumbling upon a great great grandson of Chief Joseph.  My father has a powerful bond with Chief Joseph, one that transcends time and place, and this encounter left him deeply emotional.  Watching the two of them share this special knowing between them brought tears to my eyes.  Glad I could be the starting point that would lead these two together.

Alma Dell met some Native American women who taught her how to bead and she spent days working on a blue heron to bead onto a medicine pouch.  The week was full of special, magical moments for the both of them. 

As for me, I have never had to work so hard.  Over 100 people checked in on Friday which left me drained and depleted.  For a brief moment I felt I could not continue with the pace that left no breathing room for over five hours.  I made it through my shift and came home to a fire, family and friends.  It seemed to have made everything else melt away.

I am now enjoying the peace and quiet and beautiful weather that continues day after day.

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