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Monday, May 20, 2013

The River's Flow

I haven't posted much lately.  Life has been too full and too busy.  And even though lately the heat has kept me mostly indoors on my days off, my need, want or desire to write seems to have gone on hiatus.

Today was one of my three days off.  I spent early morning soaking in hot mineral springs while idly watching a school of carp circling in the Rio Grande.  My plan was to take a picture of this carp dance but as I was lazing about one of the dams in the Rio was released and now the carp have all retreated to mud holes or puddles wherever they can find them.
The water mark on the deck piling shows the decrease in water level

You can now see the shore across the river

The carp have mostly disappeared
I didn't take this picture but this is similar to what it looked like before the dam was released
My understanding is the smell will be quite strong for a few weeks and then the Elephant Butte Dam will release its water and the Rio will rise to its full glory.  That is when there will be kayaking, tubing and floating...something I have never seen since I have never stayed here during the summer months.  My workamping job ends May 30th.  Do I want to stay a few more days to see the majesty of the Rio Grande as she freely flows downstream?  Can I bear a few more days of this 90+ degree weather?  Guess I will just have to play that one day by day.

What I have decided is that this will be my last workamping job.  I have unsubscribed from the daily "worker wanted" emails and will not renew when my workamping membership expires in August.  That's it, I am done.  It's been an experience, but I will no longer be enticed into working for my keep.  I don't wanna work!  

 I sold my interest in the land owned by my former spouse and that will give me enough money to live on.  At the end of the year I will file for social security which will add even more monthly income.  At least enough money that with my simple life, I can simply live.

Picture of me at my last workamping job


  1. Good for you, Susan! You'll be able to enjoy life a lot more when not having to worry about that next work assignment. I look forward to the cessation of my working life in a couple of years, and spending a lot more time in our R.V. Glad you're at that point now, but I'm jealous!
    Mary Ann

  2. I'm so glad for you - At this point in my life I love being able to do exactly what I want, when I want, and where I want. No amount of money or free rent or hook-ups could entice me back to working. You're going to love it.

  3. I figure I have 4 more years of workamping to do and then I should have enough monthly pension income to keep me going without working. Maybe sell some art and of course, freely travel around. Good for you that you can do that now.

  4. What a wonderful pix of you, Susan!! You are inhabiting your glorious-ness, for sure!! I have friends, here, who are working toward being full-time roadies; they seem to be managing the shifts quite well. I'm so glad you can let go of the workamping responsibilities and focus your energies on where the spirits are leading. Gives me good-shivers to think of it!! vic

  5. Gee, I hope some of the water makes its way down to Las Cruces. The Rio Grande is a sad sand pile here. :-(

    Congratulations on your "retirement" from work camping!