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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh What a Day

Serving Coffee During a Work Day
For the last three years I have worked Memorial Day weekend.  I watched the crowds, the families and the crazies from behind a front desk as I checked in the multiple RVers and vacationers out for their first summer weekend.  For me it was the beginning of a long workamping summer and I just wanted to get through that initial weekend and survive to tell the tale.  Well, not this year.  This year I get to be one of the crazies.

Rio Running
They opened up the dam and the Rio Grande came flowing through.  It started as an initial flush which brought all sorts of debris (bales of hay, tree limbs, bottles, cans, pillows) but by Friday most of the accumulated refuse had floated downstream and the river was now fast, deep, cold and totally enticing.  And then what should show up but the invite to float down the river in float tubes, kayaks or rafts.  Count me in!!!!
River Trip with Turtle Back Mountain in the Distance

Joan Ready to Go
Our group ended up being four of and Joan, Ken and Jake (the manager of Riverbend) and an extra inner tube for the cooler of beer.  Because no one wanted to be too far from the cooler we tied our tubes together and had an absolute blast!  It took about 2 hours to float back down to Riverbend which was just the perfect amount of time.  Once back at Riverbend we hopped into the the hot springs and chased away the chill of the mighty Rio.
Jake and Joan with Captain Bob getting the van ready

Ken was in Charge of the Cooler

What a day what a day.   It was such a good day, we are going to do it all over again tomorrow...:)


  1. Susan, did you give a tour to a couple of women last month? One of them talked about what Riverbend was like when it was a hostel. One of them took pictures of the river. One was petite and slight, and one was substantial. You (?) told them you were workamping, looking for the real TorC.

    I didn't think so. :D

    If that was you, the substantial woman was me. The slight woman was Desert Diva (Cheryl)


    1. Oh, I am sorry to have missed you but I don't think it was me! There is another woman workamping and it just might have been her....
      But I did give a lot of tours :).

    2. Bummer! Cheryl thought she remembered the woman's name being Susan. What is her actual name? Maybe that will sound right, too. :D