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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Buckeye, Arizona

Backyard View While in Needles, CA
I stayed in Needles an additional night.  The land is so amazing it makes it hard to leave.  And since it was a new moon the stars were another added bonus.  Feels like I haven't seen a sky like that in such a long time.  I also had a neighbor that I thought might be interesting.  I did have some wine and conversation with him, but come the next day I was ready to leave.

So now I am in Buckeye, Arizona.  My neighbor while in Lincoln City, OR told me about this park and I decided to check it.  I really did not want to spend any more time at the park in Mesa I have stayed the last two winters and I am happy to have found an alternative.  I like this park just fine.  It is smaller, quieter and CHEAPER.  It has a nice outdoor swimming pool, good internet and before my new neighbor showed up, the space felt big enough.  I will miss out on line dancing, but I plan to pick up water volleyball so it seems like a good trade.  I may even go play cards tonight.  Not sure about that one yet.

The park is Leaf Verde ( and it suits my needs for the time being.  They do not have cable so the funny thing is I am now back to watching football on my original 9" TV.  What a laugh on me.
At Least I Have a Tree

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  1. Looks like a nice place to stay and have some fun!