The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Profitable Day

I was up early and down the road to Sandy.  I had a dental appointment so while in Sandy took the opportunity to renew my Oregon driver's license which is due to expire in December.  The only thing I really needed to accomplish while in Oregon this summer has now been accomplished.

I parked Minnie on the street and eventually found the dental office.  Whoa, this is some state of the art facility!  The waiting room was gorgeous and soon after signing in I was given a tour of the various rooms,  all the time thinking, "this is going to cost me".  There were large screen TVs on the ceilings, in house restoration services and all the other bells and whistles that go along with the new age of dentistry.

I liked the dentist, he explained in detail what needed to be done and assured me nothing else looked to be a problem. That was all good news and since I already anticipated the need for a crown there were no real surprises.

I was escorted from the exam room to the appointment office with a parting gift of a boutique bag filled with tissue paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip gloss, coffee mug, etc. and once again I thought, "this is going to cost me".

And sure enough, it is going to cost me.  The medical bills I just paid off will now be replaced with a dental bill.  Another 2 1/2 hours at the dentist next week and my mouth should be good to go and my credit card bill will rise once again.

Yes, it was a profitable day, just not for me.


  1. you can look at the pain 2 ways, pain in your mouth that can make your hairs stand on end and life a living h___ or a pain in the pocket. I think the pocket pain suites me better. Sounds like a wonderful place at least. Good luck

  2. I love it when a dentist says, "yes, this IS a problem that needs to be fixed, but everything else is okay." Some seem to find lots of things that need repairing, when you know they don't, it's just their bank account that needs enhancing. It's worth it to me to pay a bit more for an honest, good dentist. I'm going to REALLy miss my dentist in San Diego.

    And...nice goodie bag! I always get a toothbrush and paste, and that's all.

  3. It's always good to have a nice dentist - one who will fully explain to you what will happen, gives you other options, and keeps you calm while you're on the dental chair. Those dentists should be given a medal, haha.