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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Been Good In The Hood

My summer job is almost over as there are only two weeks left.  In retrospect it has been a good summer, much better than last year's experience.  I have kept more to myself this year and maybe that has helped, or it may be because I knew what to expect this time around and let it slide over my head instead of wallowing in the experience.  It has been good in the Hood, but I will also be ready to move on down the road when the time comes.
Jan of Jan and Peter
Since moving to my third site of the summer I have been doing more socializing.  I visit with my neighbors Jan and Peter several times a week and accepted an invitation to dinner with the "full-time" employees of the park.  They are starting to feel like family and made me think I might want to come back again next year.  Time will tell.

This coming week-end is Huckleberry Festival, my favorite weekend of the summer.  There will be flutes playing, salmon baking, buffalo burgers cooking and merchandise selling.  My eight hour shift on Friday will be split between Thursday and Friday to accommodate the 98 RVs coming in on Thursday.  Although it means I will be working four days in a row it will also give me most of the day on Friday to enjoy the festival before I go on shift at 5:30 PM.

After Huckleberry there is just Labor Day and then a quick exit.  Colorado is next on the agenda with visits to Maria and my gypsy soul sister.  After that.....who knows.


  1. Susan, it sounds like a great summer to me. I'm working full-time with 5 more years until retirement. Then I'm hitting the road just like you and so many other RVers.

    I'm in Texas, and our unseasonably warm summer and drought have me looking at your summer blog entries with envy and longing.

    Enjoy the festival, and post lots of pictures!

  2. This summer has gone way to fast for me. I will leave here mid Oct.
    The festival sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy the rest of your workamping even though they may be very busy.

  3. HOORAY for visits with Maria!!