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Friday, March 22, 2013

Winding Down

All Guests Received a Smile on a Stick
I was up early this morning.  Early enough to attend my first (and last of the season) coffee and donuts event.  It started at 8:30 AM, which is why this was my first attendance, and by the time I arrived at 8:32 AM there was standing room only.  Nothing like free coffee and donuts to bring out the masses!

This is my first year here and by a show of hands I am definitely in the minority.  For most people this is at least their 3rd year and one older gent has been coming here for 15 years.  The sites and some other aspects are not ideal, but the people are what make this place a destination year after year.  I will miss them and would not hesitate to come back again.  There was a outdoor dance on March 17th and it felt like the end of summer camp, that time when you know you will be returning home and you are remembering all the good times you have had.  It was a very emotional evening and not just for me.

I have decided to fly to Eugene for two weeks and when I return on April 8th most people will be long gone.  I have attended my last line dancing and only one more game of water volleyball remains.  I will sneak out in the dark hours of the morning and avoid the many goodbyes that I always find such a challenge but I have added many fond memories to a long list of people I have met and enjoyed.

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