The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Rainbow At The Slabs
After my three days at the Fountain of Youth I headed 13 miles down the road to Slab City.  Not much had changed since my last visit other than I thought it would be more crowded.  I took up residence in my exact same spot and had the area all to myself.

My new house batteries seem to have done the trick and I had no further problems with my generator and survived the chilly nights.  Bruce welcomed me as soon as I pulled in and continued to feed me some of the best food.  How does he do it??
Chicken Pot Pie
I also had the opportunity for a brief visit with Robi and sent her off with one of my prized possessions, a vintage metallic glass.
My hat goes off to her as not only did she survive a summer at the Slabs but also created an official Slab City website which answers any and all questions.  Check it out at

For more information you can purchase Greg Stotts' book "Slab City Then and Now" from his website at  Got myself an autographed copy.

I couldn't stay too long at the Slabs because I had to get back to Arizona to catch a Christmas Eve flight to Pensacola, FL.  My mom and Dan traveled from Phoenix, my brother from Louisiana and my sister and new brother-in-law from North Carolina so that we could all be together for the holiday.  So very thankful for the beautiful condo and this time with my family.
View From Our Condo
My Mom and Dan Walking the Beach
Sunset Over the Ocean
Now I am back in Buckeye until my next venture down the road.  Hoping this will be the year I finally make it to Quartzite.


  1. We just arrived in Lake Havasu.. Love it here. But I could learn to live with the ocean at my door step. Great shots!!

  2. Good to "check in" on your whereabouts, Susan!! My daughter and her family lived in Buckeye for a few years; must be a nice place to visit, though living there was a challenge. I do remember "warm in winter", however, and that sounds pretty inviting.

    A new friend, here, in Columbus, IN, and her husband, both from UK, are handing in their notices at work, cleaning out, packing up, and returning to England to live on a "long boat", a 7x60 foot barge, on the 2000 miles of canals in England. They are excited; I am a bit envious.

    Freedom!!!!! however one defines it, is a very good thing! vic